World on a Hanger to Stitchex

World on a Hanger

World on a Hanger was founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurs with the goal of revolutionizing the fashion industry, having seen first-hand the struggle that many small fashion brands face in the day to day running of their businesses. Industry giants use powerful systems to get their products out quickly but small and medium brands did not have similar access to tools and technology. They wanted to democratize fashion and give that power and speed to smaller companies. Their users varied from a fashion graduate making her first collection to medium-sized companies with manufacturing and warehouses in many countries. Fashion colleges often leave students ill-prepared to run their business. That’s where World on a Hanger came in. What was so revolutionary about it? Connecting fashion brands, suppliers and buyers online sped up everything that happens between designing a collection and shipping it to a retailer. Sales agents could connect with the fashion brand online. Suppliers received up-to-date order quantities at the click of a button.

New Management at World on a Hanger

In October of 2017, World on a Hanger was acquired by new a management team led by Venkat Koripalli, the new CEO. The new management team came with extensive experience in developing successful software products in other industries. The new team came with a strong desire, commitment, and resources needed to expand World on a Hanger and make it an even more useful tool. They spent time engaging customers in conversations, understanding their needs better with the intent of solving problems and serving a market that was being underserved.

“I am excited to share that during my first 6 weeks as CEO at World on a Hanger, I have gotten to interact with many of you and understand your needs better. Many of you shared some fantastic ideas and suggestions that we are incorporating into our product development roadmap. While we continue to seek your input and feedback, I believe we have a very good understanding on how to serve you better and make World on a Hanger an awesome solution for your needs.” said the new CEO in a letter to the users.

Our goal is to become amazingly useful in streamlining your operations and making your apparel business even more successful.

In a recent survey, we asked users how likely there were to recommend our solution to a friend and the results were very encouraging even in the beginning stages for the new team. 56% of the users indicated a 9 or a 10 while only 11% indicated 6 or less.

Stitchex Likely to Recommend

Stitchex Likely to Recommend Survey Results

It is very heartwarming to see the level of trust the users have placed in the product and the new management team that they would recommend us to your friends. Over the next few months, our goal will be more users to give us 10s.

World on a Hanger changes to Stitchex

We planned on changing the name of our product from World on a Hanger to Stitchex. We shared our plans with our users and an overwhelming majority supported the idea and as a result, we have since moved forward with the name change.

The new team is firmly entrenched at the helm of Stitchex and has already brought in several executives and team members to be able to significantly expand its apparel ERP software offerings, especially to small and medium brands. The team is past the initial learning curve and is ready to deliver useful features, enhancements at a faster pace. You can expect some exciting new functionality over the coming weeks and months. Our goal is to become amazingly useful in streamlining your operations and making your business even more successful.

The new team also brings in considerable expertise in the business of apparel management. We will be providing expert guidance on how to be more successful in streamlining your operations and scaling your revenues and profits to new heights. Our experts will be sharing best practices frequently for you to increase customer satisfaction and to grow your brand. Stay tuned to our apparel management blog and follow us on social media.

Wish you amazing success and happy stitchexing!