The Need for Fashion Brands to Have a Wholesale B2B eCommerce Store

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Do Fashion Brands need a B2B eCommerce store? Fashion brands small and large have traditionally sold wholesale via face-to-face interactions – at trade shows or showrooms or the offices of the big retail stores. Over the past few years, you may have gotten on to a wholesale marketplace such as JOOR or NuOrder. These strategies [...]

APIs for 3PL integration

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APIs for 3PL integration Stitchex announced the release of all APIs needed for third-party logistics providers to integrate with Stitchex. Stitchex users are primarily fashion brands that sell both wholesale and eCommerce. Some brands have their own in-house warehouse and shipping processes. Other brands outsource their warehousing to third-parties, in which case 3PL integration becomes [...]

World on a Hanger to Stitchex

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World on a Hanger to Stitchex World on a Hanger World on a Hanger was founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurs with the goal of revolutionizing the fashion industry, having seen first-hand the struggle that many small fashion brands face in the day to day running of their businesses. Industry giants use powerful systems to [...]

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