Line sheets are essential tools for designers and brands selling at showrooms, trade shows and any time a client places an order. But anybody who has ever needed to build one from scratch knows that setting up a template then dragging and dropping images, pricing and product information can take up a lot of time. It can also result in embarrassing typos, pricing errors, and general order mix-ups.

When you use a database or ERP software like Uphance to manage your products and orders, you’ve already spent time carefully entering products, images and pricing into your system. So if you’re not already using Uphance to generate your line sheets, you may be pleased to discover that you can save a lot of time generating them directly inside of the software. Uphance users can create line sheets without hiring a graphic designer or spending time and money setting up additional programs or apps!

Some improvements to the line sheet editor have just been released. Next time you go to generate a line sheet you will find a new layout option, and some new ways to quickly customize your pages:

The New Grid Layout

In editing section, there is a new 4 products per row grid format. This more compact layout generates a line sheet with 8 products per page and is a great choice when you need to print out your documents. A single style image, style number, style name, and a list of the available colours, sizes and pricing will be displayed underneath.

The Original Layout

Don’t worry, the original layout is still available as the 1 product per row formatThis is the line sheet format that most users are already familiar with.  You may have also used it as a visual order summary when sending out order confirmations, or for various reports around Uphance. This detailed line sheet displays the style number, style name, and description for the product. Underneath the available colour and material options are displayed as separate lines, each with their own corresponding swatch or swatch image.

Customize Your Line Sheet

After you narrow down your products and generate your line sheet, you will find both of these formats on the line sheet editing page under the products per row dropdown. You can also more quickly change the layout from portrait to landscape directly inside the editor with the paper orientation dropdown.  And as always, switch between price lists and currencies with the channel dropdown to easily generate versions of your line sheet for all of the regions and customer segments that your brand caters to.

More about linesheets:

Let us know what you think of the new line sheet options!

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