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Grow your business with the perfect Apparel ERP software!

You are a small to medium fashion label in the business of selling apparel or accessories. You deal with suppliers and retailers. You may have an online store. You may even have one or more retail stores. You need to track sales, invoices, shipping, ordering, inventory, materials, production, etc. You need an ERP software to manage all the processes so can focus on growing your business. All the apparel ERP software packages you have looked at are expensive, need an army to setup & configure and difficult to use. You need something that will get you up and running quickly, easily and affordably.

Enter Stitchex! Stitchex is specially designed for small apparel businesses. It is affordable. It is easy-to-use. You can get started in no time. And it does everything you need. Give it a spin and find out for yourself.

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Integrate with the tools you already use

Connect your essential business tools to Stitchex and make it your control center. Xero, QuickBooks, Shopify, WooCommerce, Dropbox, and many more.

From Stitchex User Survey, when asked how likely they were to recommend Stitchex to a friend or colleague.

Find out how Stitchex adds value

One of our solution experts can show you exactly how our apparel ERP software would work to streamline your operations.
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User Reviews

Fashion-focused ERP solution with software as a service subscription model. Wide integration into other platforms that we also use, Shopify and Xero.com.

Noble Ekajeh, Kiki Kamanu

Stitchex ERP is simple and beautiful. It has made our life much easier, no need for unreliable spreadsheets anymore.

Very comprehensive and covers all of our production and sales order needs. I LOVE this software. I honestly can’t imagine how I’d operate this business without it and I’m really excited about improvements and integrations.

Theresa James, RVDesigns Inc.

Stitchex is intuitive and web-based and works on all devices. I highly recommend it.

Stephanie Kamber, Julian Zigerli
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Stitchex is specially designed for small fashion and apparel businesses.

And it helps you manage your entire business integrating all key functions in an intuitive, easy-to-use and affordable solution. Run and grow your business successfully!
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